Tom Duffield’s Exhibition, March 2020

‘Just Couldn’t Get The Shoes To Fit…’ a project that is currently work in progress by Tom Duffield, a performative piece shared between Tom and his Grandfather mainly centered around self portraits. Born from Tom’s Grandfather showing him an old coat he owned in which they both tried on. Additionally it is the realisation of vulnerability and movement of time with age.

Currently being shown at Village Bookshop, Leeds

The Social Distance Art Project Feature, March 2020

Due to the unprecedented issues brought out by COVID-19 the final year show that would have been held at the University of Huddersfield has been cancelled, similarly the same has happened at other institutes countrywide. This obviously means that, as students, we can no longer show physical work that utilises hanging methods, frames and print types/quality.

However, a new method of showing work has emerged in the form of Instagram. The Social Distance Art Project, the Instagram account and website is build solely to present final year students work across the country from any art course.

I am lucky enough to have been featured in this project for my work of, ‘Two Cigarette Burns’. This is a way for me to show work to potential employers since the show they could have attended is no longer going ahead.

Pop-Up Exhibition, March 2020

From the 2nd of March till the 7th of March I was part of a work in progress exhibition which final year students participated in. From Tuesday the 25th of February we were able to begin preparation of the space which mainly included painting the walls white, we were not able to paint the downstairs area till the evening of the 29th of February which meant we needed to change pink walls into white walls which was pretty painstaking.

By midday on Monday the 2nd all the work was up ready for the opening at 5pm. All in all the exhibition had a successful opening night. 

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