Richard Page, February 2020

A talk from Richard Page, about his current work which is currently still a work in progress, “Dialogue of The Dogs”. A project that is solely made in Spain due to Richards interest in the Spanish book, “Don Quixote”. Creating a project based around a short idea that two dogs were given the power of speech for one night only, what would they talk about? He expressed his need to go back to Spain a few more times before he is happy to consider the project finished.

Sebah Chaudhry, February 2020

A talk from Sebah Chaudhry a freelance project manager and creative director on several projects and photo festivals around the world.

Starting by volunteering at Rhubarb-Rhubarb and working her way up to becoming the portfolio review coordinator a few years later.  Her current work, ‘The Place I Call Home’ is an exploration into the notion of home in relation to the experiences Arabic people have to living within the UK as well as British people living the the Gulf. This is an effort to develop a mutual respect and understanding on both sides.

Nicola Shipley, February 2020

A talk from Nicola Shipley of GRAIN Photography. A group that helps with emerging photographers by putting on exhibitions and commissions. Shipley talked through several photographers work, one being Arpita Shah, who I have covered in a previous blog post. As well as this Shipley talked about the fact GRAIN helps to organise exhibitions for these emerging artists.

Finally Shipley reviewed my current work and gave me guidance to check online archives to try and find a trace of my great grandpa when he was party of the RAF in Glasgow, Lincoln and Nottingham during World War Two as well as becoming a gardener at Leeds University.

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