Arpita Shah, Impressions Gallery, February 2020

The new installation at the Impressions Gallery in Bradford of Arpita Shah’s, Nalini, titled after her grandmother which translates to ‘Lotus’. For me this is the reason the imagery is very soft and in areas airy.

Since Shah’s intentions were to “find parallels with their own family story” when viewing this body of work. Personally some images gave me this parallel due to my project ‘Two Cigarette Burns’ (working title) which also has an aspect of archive photography woven into it as well as imagery taken by Shah.

What drew me closer to this work was not just the connection between Shah’s project and my own, but also the soft focus and colour palette within the work, mainly the soft colours. The blues, pinks and greens really allows the work to stay light with the only real heavy aspect of the work being the archival portrait due to the brown border which I’m sure was included due to that border being a key aspect of the photo, especially due to the rips of said border.

Simon Weldon, February 2020

Yesterday (5/2/20) we had a talk from Simon Weldon, he went through his Masters Research Project, titled ‘to you all from us’ which is still a work in progress project.

This is an exploration into his own personal mourning from the passing of his father. Starting with his fathers old archive of photographs, from this came an exploration into the River Aire and how this river connects to his body of work. This also includes portraits of his mother and self portraiture.

Stephanie Wynne, January 2020

A talk given by Stephanie Wynne, with 22 years working freelance she was able to explain how she takes advantage of creating several other job opportunities from a single job. While also fitting in her own personal work in and around this commercial work.

Along with her partner, they have worked on multiple architectural projects in Liverpool alone from start of construction to first opening.

Wynne also explained how taking on any job is always the best thing to do. Including the fact that one job can become several due to all the different people and companies that work on one architecture/construction project.

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