Amsterdam, FOAM Gallery, January 2020

Boys of Hong Kong

Amsterdam, January 28th 2020.

Boys of Hong Kong, Foam Gallery.

A collaboration between director Luke Casey & photographer Alexandra Leese. Moving image piece based around the young men in Hong Kong, exploring fashion, counter-culture, sexuality and male identity as well as photographs from Alexandra Leese.

Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, January 2020

Amsterdam, January 27th 2020.

Dana Lixenberg, Imperial Courts. 

A photo series created over 22 years which included moving image piece across three projectors in what felt like a cinema style layout. Each projector working together to create a head turning visual experience including sound design that would start before the screen had turned on and more often that not continue once the projector was off. 

The work itself gave a welcoming feel into a world unknown by those outside of that community. Although it was work created in LA, it is no where near the expected glamour of Sunset Boulevard. Instead focusing on the social constructs around this relatively deprived neighbourhood, when compared to other areas of Los Angeles.

Shooting on large format allowed for a slower process of working, allowing those being photographed to relax, this is part due to the slowness of large format as well as her presence being 22 years long.

Jack Latham, January 2020

A talk from Jack Latham. Where he talked us through his research and shooting of a body of work named, “Parliament of Owls”. What started with a fascination towards the exclusive Bohemian club for the American Elite became an exploration of the area around the camp. Focusing on the effects on the surrounding community and those against the camp rather than investigating the interior of the walled off club, this allows for an audience engagement in terms of wanting to find out more about the Bohemian.

Including a variety of techniques while shooting on large format, from portraits to landscapes, including interior landscapes to bring the audience into this northern Californian territory. This also includes the use of moving image, from news footage to found archive footage from previous investigations into the club.

During my portfolio review, Jack helped direct me in a way to continue my workflow. Allowing me to grasp a way of working that would help an audience view the work and to tell a story through my imagery to this audience. As well as discussing the idea of a slowness and a calm in my imagery due to the calm aura that blankets a grandparents house. 

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